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Ti Malice
Biographical Information
AliasesTi Malice
Wild Card TraitsDwarfism, mind control
Social Information
Place of BirthHaiti
CitizenshipHaitian national, deceased
Base of OperationsNew York City, formerly Port-au-Prince
AlliesBlaise, Harvey Kant, Hiram Worchester, Sascha Starfin, Taureau, Water Lily
First AppearanceAces Abroad
Final AppearanceDeath Draws Five
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Ti Malice is a joker-ace able to control others as "mounts".

Some of the known mounts of Ti-Malice include:

History Edit

The entity known as Ti Malice was born in to a poor mother in Haiti. His wild card turned while he was in utero and his first "mount" was his mother whom he was able to control. After he was born he continued to take new mounts, at one point even controlling the President-for-Life, François "Papa Doc" Duvalier.

By the mid 1980s his primary mount was Ezili-je-Rouge, a beautiful Haitian prostitute. When the WHO Wild Card fact finding tour visited Haiti in 1987, Ti Malice decided to use the opportunity to relocate to the United States. He took Hiram Worchester as a mount and had himself smuggled back to the US.

In New York, Ti Malice took various mounts including Jane "Water Lily" Dow and Blaise Andrieux. It was in this later capacity that Ti Malice ran into Jay "Popinjay" Ackroyd. Ackroyd teleported Ti Malice into a scene from one of his nightmares.

Later, when the ace Billy Ray was traversing another dimension he ran into Ti Malice and killed him.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Ti Malice achieves sustenance and mobility by attaching himself to the necks of his victims, who he refers to as "mounts". When he is attached to a mount they experience an overwhelming sense of bliss and Ti Malice is able to control their actions, effectively becoming the dominant personality for their body. The mount's own personality is submerged, unable to control their own body but fully aware of what is going on. When Ti Malice disconnects from a mount they are left with a feeling of anxiety and a desire to experience his "kiss" again. This feeling functions as a powerful addiction which keeps his mounts loyal to him even when he is not connected.

Appearance Edit

Ti Malice is a joker with a small, shrivelled body somewhat resembling a fetus. He has a round mouth with a single large piercing tooth protruding from the overbite, but no jaw. Within the mouth is a bifurcated tongue used to leech blood from the carotid artery of a mount. He has weak arms and legs and is unable to survive for long away from a mount.

Personality Edit

Ti Malice is a totally amoral hedonist who spends his life seeking out sensations, both pleasurable and painful, which he experiences vicariously through his host mounts.

Trivia Edit

  • Ti Malice regards humanity as a completely inferior species and calls his mounts, "it".

Selected Reading Edit

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