Biographical Information
Real NameWilliam Chen
Social Information
Place of BirthNew York, USA
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationPolice officer
Base of OperationsNew York City
AffiliationsNew York City Police Department
AlliesFrancis Black
First AppearanceFort Freak
CreatorMelinda Snodgrass

William "Tinkerbill" Chen is a police officer working out of the Jokertown precinct "Fort Freak". He is partnered with Francis Black.

History Edit

Chen grew up in Chinatown, near the 5th precinct, and came to know Jokertown quite well. He is a season veteran of New York policing, having spent three years at the 13th precinct before moving to the 5th.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Tinkerbill is a deuce. Channeling his power through his nightstick he can cover someone in a pink sparkling glow that lasts for hours. This is most often done to identify suspects and the police in Jokertown will routinely arrest someone on spec just for glowing pink.

Appearance Edit

Tinkerbill is a large, over six foot tall, Chinese-American man. Despite his large size he has an unusually high and delicate voice.

Personality Edit

An astute street cop, Tinkerbill is often quick to see through deceptions and divine the truth from the lie. He was patient with Officer Black, to a point, and was fair when the others on the force would ridicule the rookie.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite frequent use of a computer for work, Tinkerbill simply can't type and hunts for the keys with a two-fingered typing action.

Gallery Edit

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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