Tony Calderone
Biographical Information
Real NameTony Calderone
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationPolitical staff
Event Participant1988 Democratic Convention
AffiliationsDemocratic Party
AlliesArmand, Shelly, Gregg Hartmann, James Spector
First AppearanceAce in the Hole
CreatorWalton Simons

Tony Calderone is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Tony Calderone grew up in Teaneck, and at some point struck up an unlikely friendship with James Spector. While Spector was always the one who went unnoticed, Calderone was the one who had the looks, had the popularity, and got the girls.

The pair didn't see each other for many years until the 1988 Democratic Convention when Calderone as a speech writer on Sentator Hartmann's spotted his old friend. Spector, now an ace assassin on a contract to kill Hartmann, played along with his old friend and indulged him in catching up while working on reaching his target. Calderone took him to meet two joker friends, and upon leaving they were attacked by a gang of youths. Spector's ace protected him from lasting injury, but Calderone wound up in hospital, yet continued to help with Hartmann's campaign with speech material written from his hospital bed.


Tony Calderone is a likeable idealist who has no qualms about maintaining friendships with jokers.

Selected ReadingEdit

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