Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsNo arms, three legs
Social Information
Base of OperationsJokertown
First AppearanceDead Man’s Hand

Tripod is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


As a joker, Tripod had limited prospects on the streets of Jokertown, but his third, and very nimble, leg afforded him a rare gift as a pickpocket. He attracted the attention of Daniel Brennan, the masked vigilante known as Yeoman at some point and quickly gained value as a loyal informant.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Tripod has no arms, but as a result of the wild card has also gained a third leg with greatly enhanced dexterity. The appendages of this limb are noticeably more dexterous that human fingers typically are.


Tripod has no arms, but does have a third leg between the other two, which he generally keeps hidden. When walking he moves with a slightly off-balance gait on two legs, and has to periodically extend the third limb to steady himself. Tripod wears oddly constructed garments that allow him to discretely expose the limb as needed.


Tripod is a calm and watchful individual.

Selected ReadingEdit

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