"Five for one!"
―Twisted Fists creed
Twisted Fists
Biographical Information
Official NameTwisted Fists
AliasesThe Fists
PurposeJokers' rights
Operational Information
Base of OperationsJerusalem

The Twisted Fists are a fictional organization from the Wild Cards series of books. The Fists are a militant jokers' rights organization founded by the terrorist Black Dog.

History Edit

The Twisted Fists are a worldwide terrorist organization, but they are not crazed zealots. They are cold and calculating and strike only at targets who have harmed jokers. Their vow is "five for one." Kill a joker, and five of the offending group pay with their lives. The perpetrators of anti-joker violence are the preferred target, but the Fists will kill their best guess if no obvious culprit can be found. Bitter enemies of the Nur, the Fists are probably the only force that prevents the Nur from drenching Jerusalem's Jokers' Quarter with blood.

The Twisted Fists are led by their founder, the black clad joker known as Black Dog. Though centered in the Middle East, most of the Fists' financial support comes from America, specifically Jokertown. They have many semi-autonomous cells in other countries, notably Belfast, Northern Ireland, and supply assistance wherever Black Dog feels it will help jokers most. The Fists smuggled arms and aces, such as Dylan Hardesty, to the Rox and later acquired a black market Soviet nuclear warhead to combat the Nur.

Known MembersEdit


  • Black Dog - founder and leader
  • Snailfoot - British joker with a handsome face, but snail-like lower body, real name Reginald
  • Balthazar - operative from Alabama, USA, with yellow, goat-like eyes
  • Needles - teenage recruit from Jokertown, NY, with metallic claws
  • Owl - Needle's friend, feathered tufts covering his ears
  • Tarek - small, rat-like joker suited to underground work


  • King Brian - green-skinned leprechaun, de facto leader of the Belfast cell
  • Stand-In - joker-ace with mismatched limbs, able to alter physical appearance
  • Two-Face - only briefly mentioned, no description
  • Trio - joker with three legs
  • Scarlet Will - red paper-dry hair and skin, deceased
  • Bowler - sniper with a growth similar to a Bowler hat on his head
  • Cara - female operative, projecting telepath with no mouth


  • Dylan Hardesty - joker-ace assigned to the Rox
  • Croyd Crenson - ace mercenary retained to purchase a nuclear warhead
  • Zoe Harris - ace refugee from New York used to infiltrate the Nur's camp
  • Mumbles - Undercover identity used by Carnifex to infiltrate the Fists
  • Squidface - former operative, retired, now known as Father Squid

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