• Nameless Wikia contributer

    Just making a list of the ten wild carders that I think are the physically the strongest. I will explain my reasoning for each of my choices. If you disagree or think I missed someone or one wild carder is stronger than another; feel free to debate me on it.


    Wild Carders


    1. Monster - Possesses gigantic size, strength, and invulnerability. Also grows bigger, therefore stronger, when injured. Reasoning: I know that Golden Boy has been the de facto strongest amongst the wild carders and that Monster has had extremely limited screen time. But I feel that due to the fact that Monster is able to get bigger and stronger the more he is injured would make him eventually stronger than Golden Boy. True I am assuming that Monster gets stronger as he gets big…
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  • Nameless Wikia contributer

    Every since I first read Dead Man's Hand; I was curious about how strong Doughboy was. This is all we have to go on: Doughboy frequently breaks a 400lb door and that he plays frisbee with a manhole cover, throwing it 20-30 yards.

    Not much to go on I know.

    Let's begin to break it down.

    A manhole cover weighs about 50kg or 110lbs. And he is able to throw it 60 to 90 feet.

    I decided to do a comparison between Doughboy and myself. I can roughly lift 150lbs over my head, arms fully extended. I tried to see how far I could throw two different weights. I had a 20 pound dumbell and an eight pound dumbell.

    I first threw the 20 pound dumbell. Needless to say I was a little disappointed in myself. I only managed to throw it 7.9 yards. I then threw the eig…

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