I've been toying with the idea of updating the appearance of the Wild Cards Wiki for a while now. For one thing, the infobox appearance was only supposed to be a placeholder... and it stayed that way for quite a while. Add to that, the white-on-pale-blue is basically just default without really trying to capture the vibe of the subject material. And lastly, Wikia is moving forward with some significant developments on the global Wikia skin.

So, here's a small mockup of what I've been having a play with:

Side border General text field
Data fields
Data fields
Data fields...
Side border

^ This is just a rough pass - the CSS can render differently on various devices.

But the basic concept is this:

  • I felt that the body text area should remain pale with dark text as this is typically what we see when we read these books. I took a slightly off-white/grey approach as a nod to the prevalence of concrete in a city environment.
  • The side borders are dark. I was going for dark blue or a night sky shade, as the Jokertown imagery heads into night scenes frequently, and delves into other dark places. Plus I thought a contrast against the pale background might sharpen up the look of the wiki a lot.
  • The infobox, when extended downward with content, will be reminiscent of a playing card. The white background and rounded corners will do that alone, and a drop shadow might lift it to offset the loss of coloured borders.

That's the gist of it. So over to you guys. Good idea? Bad idea? Do you have any alternative thoughts? Comment below. I won't push it live without some agreement.

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