A new feature is gradually being rolled on Wikia called VisualEditor. It is an editing interface for Wikia articles that is currently under development/refinement. Wikia have recently switched VisualEditor on as the default editor for unregistered users, so in the interests of consistency (and to further aid the testing phase), I've switched it on as the local default for registered contributors as well.

Nobody is required to use VisualEditor.

The toggle from VisualEditor to source is available in the edit interface, just as it was with the classic rich text editor. Additionally, any logged in user can set a personal preference between:

  • Default
  • Wikia's new VisualEditor
  • Wikia's classic rich-text editor
  • Source editor

Simply mouse over your account name in the top-right of the page, select "My preferences" to access your user preferences, and then find the options in the "Editing" tab.

Support for template content editing (data supplied in infoboxes) is currently in a rudimentary state in VisualEditor, and arranges parameter names alphabetically rather than in the sequence presented by the infobox template. Aside from that, article content in VisualEditor should just be a direct reflection of what is displayed on the page.

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