Biographical Information
Real NamePeter Nance
Wild Card TraitsPrecognition
Social Information
CitizenshipUnited States
OccupationCriminal, gang leader
Base of OperationsJokertown
AffiliationsWerewolves, Shadow Fist Society
CreatorJohn J. Miller

Peter "Warlock" Nance was the long time leader of the Jokertown gang, the Werewolves.

History Edit

Warlock was the founder and leader of the Werewolves, one of the two gangs vying for supremacy in Jokertown of the 1980s. The Werewolves' rivals were the more numerous and better armed Demon Princes. Over the years, Warlock managed to parlay his relatively minor power to predict someone's death into a fearsome reputation for killing people with a "death curse," but it was not until he entered into an alliance with the Shadow Fist Society that the Werewolves became a force to be truly reckoned with.

Confined mostly to Jokertown due to their inhuman appearance, the Werewolves served as shock troops and street-level enforcers for Shadow Fist operations. Hungry for more power and influence, Warlock joined with Fadeout, one of Kien's lieutenants, in a plan called "New Day" wherein Kien was to be eliminated and control of the Fists was to pass to Fadeout. Unfortunately for Fadeout, Warlock saw the ace's impending death and switched sides, reaffirming his loyalty to Kien and surviving the subsequent purge of traitors within the Fists.

Sometime after the collapse of the Shadow Fist organization, Warlock was arrested and convicted. He is currently incarcerated and has been revealed to be somewhat mentally deranged. In 2011, he was briefly interviewed by the Fort Freak police detective "Ramshead" regarding a multiple homicide in Jokertown from the 1970s. The Werewolves still limp along without him, but the Demon Princes have once again become the most feared gang in Jokertown.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Warlock claimed to have the ability to cast a "death curse" on someone, which would result in their soon dying by some random means unconnected to him. However, in reality this was a ruse designed to instill fear in others. Warlock's real power was to be able to see when people were about to die. He would use this ability to "curse" people who he knew were about to die.

Appearance Edit

Nance is tall and strongly built, but no one knows what he looks like. He always wears a mask, lest he catches a glimpse of death on his own face.

Personality Edit

Warlock is a man driven by his own fears. He is morbidly afraid of mirrors, fearing that he might see death in his own reflection. He wears masks so religiously that nobody knows what he looks like, and the masks he wears usually bear the likenesses of famous people. He changes his masks frequently and when he does, the rest of the Werewolves change theirs to match.

Trivia Edit

  • Warlock tries to pattern himself after Aleister Crowley

Selected Reading Edit

References Edit

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