Wild Cards
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Epic Comics
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Wild Cards is a four-part comic book series covering events in the Wild Cards anthology. It recounts events previously published in print in novel format, and ties them all together in a story pitting Jay Ackroyd against the machinations of a mystery bomber.

First published in 1990 by Marvel Comics under the Epic Comics imprint Wild Cards ran from September to December of 1990.


A bomber has struck Jetboy's Tomb and Dr. Tachyon quickly calls in Jay Ackroyd to solve the case. Throughout his search to find the bomber Ackroyd crosses paths with a number of characters from the Wild Cards stable, some helpful, and others not.


  • The Wild Cards comic book limited series was originally intended as an adaptation of the second Wild Cards novel, "Aces High", it evolved instead to an original graphic novel, due to Archie Goodwin fearing it wouldn't be as successful as an adaptation.


  • "Tachyon had me on the case before the rubble was cool."


Wild Cards is spread across the following volumes:

Story Authors Description
"Heart of the Matter" Lewis Shiner
Melinda Snodgrass
Howard Waldrop
Walton Simons
A bomb destroys Jetboy's Tomb. Private investigator Jay Ackroyd is called in to find out who perpetrated the crime. Dr. Tachyon recounts his history with the Wild Card virus. Ackroyd seeks out Edward Shiloh and Chrysalis for more information.
"Diamond in the Rough" Lewis Shiner
Walton Simons
John J. Miller
Walter Jon Williams
Jay Ackroyd continues his hunt for the bomber. Croyd Crenson recalls the first, fateful Wild Card Day. Yeoman reflects on his road from soldier to vigilante. Golden Boy recalls his downfall and tries to show the world he can still be a hero.
"Welcome to the Club" Lewis Shiner
Gail Gerstner-Miller
George R.R. Martin
Jay Ackroyd heads to the red light district on a hunch. Two suspects in the bombing appear on Peregrine's Perch. The Sleeper dreams of an attack on the Jokertown Clinic and The Great and Powerful Turtle arrives to contain the situation.
"Spadework" Lewis Shiner
Stephen Leigh
Howard Waldrop
Senator Hartmann reflects on his history. Tachyon and Ackroyd gather their allies. Ackroyd finds a nasty surprise in store for him.

Cover GalleryEdit

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