Wild Fox
Biographical Information
Real NameAndrew Yamauchi
AliasesWild Fox
Wild Card TraitsFox-like ears and tail. Illusion generation.
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
Event ParticipantAmerican Hero
AffiliationsTeam Hearts
First AppearanceInside Straight
CreatorCarrie Vaughn

Andrew "Wild Fox" Yamauchi is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Born in 1987, Andrew Yamauchi became a joker when his wild card turned. His fox-like ears and tail however, were also accompanied by an ability to create illusions in the minds of others, and this trait resulted in his successful application as a contestant in the reality television show American Hero. Once on the show, his prankish nature quickly drew the ire of his fellow contestants and he was soon voted off.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Wild Fox has fox-like ears and tail. He is able to create complex illusions in the minds of others, but these cannot be detected by electronic devices.


Wild Fox is of East Asian ethnicity and has a set of fox-like ears and a long furry brown tail.


Andrew enjoys playing pranks on people, especially with his ability.


  • Wild Fox's intro on the show, American Hero was, "Seeing isn't believing when ANDREW is around, so best not believe your eyes or your ears or your nose. Only the tail is real with WILD FOX!"
  • He was the only member of Team Hearts who didn't join the Committee.

Selected ReadingEdit

Wild Cards Volume XVIII: Inside Straight 2008

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