The Witness
Biographical Information
AliasesThe Witness, The Bigger Asshole
Wild Card TraitsEnhanced masculine appearance, enhanced strength and durability
Social Information
OccupationCriminal enforcer
RelativesThe Witness (brother)
First AppearanceDeath Draws Five
CreatorJohn J. Miller

The Witness is a character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is one of two "Witnesses to the Revelation," the other being his older brother who is also referred to as the Witness.


The Witness was drawn into the inner circle of the Allumbrados, serving as a personal enforcer to Cardinal Contarini. While being sent to capture John Fortune from a Las Vegas auditorium, the Witness encountered the Midnight Angel and dragged her into a smothering embrace. This first meeting made him an enemy for life as she maintained a bitter hatred towards him ever since.

Throughout much the Allumbrados campaign to rid the world of John Fortune, the Witness was kept close to Contarini, and accompanied him on a failed attempt to intercept Fortune and the Angel while they were on the run. He was eventually sent to Branson, Missouri, where the boy's power was beginning to burn out of control, and found himself confronting the Angel yet again. This time her attack came with many days of pent up rage, and the Witness was rendered unconscious when he was rammed through a concrete wall.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

The Witness has enhanced masculinity, granting him both irresistible good looks and drastically enhanced strength.


The Witness is tall and blond, with a perfectly muscular body and a perfectly handsome good looks.


The Witness is a glory hound, often behaving with a sneering show-offish attitude. He is also a sexual predator, desiring nothing more from a woman than to physically conquer, and then discard her. Despite his strength however, the Witness also has a cowardly streak and fears pain being inflicted upon him.

Selected ReadingEdit

Wild Cards Volume XVII: Death Draws Five

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