Biographical Information
Real NameCharles Abidimi
AliasesWrecker, ASBO
Wild Card TraitsMatter detonation
Social Information
Place of BirthLagos, Nigeria
First AppearanceSuicide Kings
CreatorVictor Milán

Charles "Wrecker" Abidimi is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Charles Abidimi was the son of an Igbo soldier who had abandoned his Yoruba mother in a Lagos slum, and Charles had subsequently spent most of his early life in the London suburb of Brixton. When immigration authorities deported his mother, she took herself and Charles back to Lagos, which was promptly overrun by the Simba Brigades of the People's Paradise of Africa. His mother then sold Charles to PPA recruiters for two-hundred dollars.

After being forcibly injected with the wild card virus, Charles drew an ace and gained the power to detonate matter. He was used for a time as a child soldier, until during a battle between PPA aces and the Committee, he killed Gardener before being captured by Rustbelt.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Wrecker can detonate one kilogram of inanimate matter at a time. He usually employs this ability by throwing small objects into the vicinity of a target, and then causes them to explode at close proximity.


Wrecker is skinny little African boy.


Wrecker is a boy psychologically damaged by his rough life and twisted into a killer, yet he is also an obedient soldier.

Selected ReadingEdit

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